We are your experts when it comes to the digitisation of services, processes and products. Benefit from our expertise.

Rocket Bytes is your professional partner for digital services. We have successfully implemented numerous projects in Switzerland and abroad.

At Rocket Bytes we have been helping our customers increase their margins for years. New, self-learning technology and algorithms provide massive support whilst increasing staff independence at the same time.

Our customers reach their relevant audience thanks to a strong social media presence. Rocket Bytes actively supports you in improving your brand awareness and looks after your growing community for you.


Opening up new markets

For most companies, digitisation means change if they want to be successful in the long term. Rocket Bytes has successfully accompanied a large number of companies on their journey into the digital age. We are experienced in making today’s business models ready for the future of tomorrow and beyond.

Increasing revenue

Digitisation is an opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue and take market share from competitors. New customer channels such as social media are of crucial importance. They can increase the awareness of your brand, improve your corporate image and reach potentially interested parties in a targeted manner.

Improving the customer experience

The integration of new technologies to improve the customer experience creates a strong corporate bond. We have successfully implemented projects for our customers in the areas of individualised product optimisation, high-performance customer portals and new communication channels.

Reducing costs

Digital solutions and processes are already saving companies billions in costs. In particular, companies’ costs can be reduced by automating manual and repetitive tasks, increasing the efficiency of existing processes and selecting intelligent resources.

Meeting challenges

We solve difficult tasks for our customers on a frequent basis. Highly complex activities can be carried out and interdisciplinary innovations promoted by selecting the right experts and technologies. It is our goal to find a dependable solution for every challenge faced by our customers.

Generating feedback

Rocket Bytes specialises in the preparation, presentation and analysis of business-relevant data. We generate meaningful information from your data in strict compliance with data security. As a result, you gain valuable insights that help you to make important decisions and optimise your core processes.